Lower Breakbeats in Synthesizer Magazin


In der neuesten Ausgabe des Synthesizer Magazins habe ich über Arbeitstechniken geschrieben, die ich bei Experimenten, bisher veröffentlichten und zukünftig erscheinenden Projekten des „Lower Breakbeats“ Project angewendete habe. Dabei geht es um wissenswerte History, z.B. Arbeitstechniken bei der Jungle-Produktion oder mit Samplern wie EMU’s Sp-1200, aber auch Einbindung und Möglichkeiten neuerer Tools wie Roland SP-404mk2, 1010music bitbox micro, Squarp Rample oder Qu-Bits Data Bender.

In the latest issue of Synmag, you can read lots of details about experiments during my Lower Breakbeats project, including interesting sound producing  aspects - like: jungle producing tricks and how trying to save space affected sound produced with an EMU SP-1200... and also how to integrate newer tools like Roland’s SP-404mk2, 1010music bitbox micro, Squarp Rample or Qu-Bit Data Bender and what options they deliver.


It’s my way of doing things ever since things became to weird and impersonal - with every basswerk label release I will add a contribution. BW48 brings two great jungle tracks from Brian Brainstorm…my remix started slowly, but then also something faster evolved, so tI added two versions, one that keeps it slow and the other one (which I prefer) which balances things out…

Here is the  official press release:

Basswerk 48 


Basswerk 48 

Brian Brainstorm & TGM

UPC 196925693882

Release Sep 16,2022

1 Brian Brainstorm - Ease Up 


2 Brian Brainstorm - Memba


3 Brian Brainstorm - Ease Up (The Green Man (TGM)’s Low & High Speed Rmx)


4 Brian Brainstorm - Ease Up (The Green Man (TGM)’s Low Speed Rmx)


Brian Brainstorm is one of germany's most successful Jungle exports and is also part of the basswerk crew.  This EP is a bit different compared to his other releases on Liondub, Jungle Cakes, Run Tingz and Original Key. He takes the jungle vibes to a more jazzy vibe (with "Ease Up") or athmospheric level ("Memba"), showing his musical skills, while still delivering his quality beats and energy. This is a very special one.

As usual TGM (The Green Man) delivers an add on for this Basswerk release - it’s a breakbeat experiment as part of his "Lower Breakbeats" concept supported by Musikfonds e.V./ Neustart Kultur. While the full version goes all the way from LoFi Hip Hop to Jungle/Drum & Bass…the short version just keeps it slow.

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My „Lower Breakbeats“ remix of Baltes & Zäyn - Apocalyptech was released Sep 9.

I uploaded it to YouTube here, but it can also be found on Spotify:



I have finished a track within my „Lower Breakbeats“ project that uses some pitched down breakbeats and a bunch of Mellotron samples and instruments played by me. I am planning to do a video for it and received some nice pics from original instruments from Dave Spiers from G-Force (thank you!), makers of the M-Tron software instruments (M-Tron pro, M-Tron mk2) that recorded various original mellotrons.

Ich habe einen track des „Lower Breakbeats“ Projektes fertiggestellt, der die „langsameren“ Breakbeats mit verschiedenen Mellotron Samples und Instrumenten kombiniert. Ich plane, hierzu ein Video zu produzieren, für welches ich dankenswerterweise Bilder von echten Mellotron-Instrumenten von Dave Spiers erhalten habe. Dave Spiers leitet die Forma G-Force, die verantwortlich für die Software-Varianten M-Tron und M-Tron mk2 ist, die auf original Mellotron-Samples beruhen.


I did a reduced „Lower Breakbeats“ remix for Baltes & Zäyn - Apocalyptech - to be released on September 9th as far as I know.

Für das Projekt Baltes & Zäun und den Track Apocalyptech habe ich im Rahmen des Lower Breakbeats Projektes einen ziemlich minimaoistischen Remix gemacht, der soweit ich weiß, am 9.9. veröffentlicht wird.